Evri provides convenient parcel delivery through a network of over 18,000 couriers to deliver over 700 million packages a year to over 220 countries and territories worldwide.
Evri was in the midst of a significant global rebranding exercise, and this transformation needed to be seamlessly mirrored across all user interfaces. The existing digital touchpoints were not only misaligned with the company's new brand identity but were also outdated, inconsistent, and lacked accessibility. Furthermore, some of their support hung on a chatbot solution which had received subpar feedback from users due to its rigidity.
The team was tasked with creating a new design system that not only aligned perfectly with the company’s rebranding efforts but also enhanced user experience by improving accessibility. We redesigned interfaces for both the mobile application and the in-store parcel shop screens. Furthermore, we collaborated across various departments in conceptualizing and creating a chatbot solution, which was envisioned to be more dynamic and user-centric.